Friday, April 20, 2018

New Tees (and stuff) Added to The Site

coffee because murder is totally illegal

We have been very busy bees adding new tees, home goods, beauty items, candles, jewelry and soooo much more to the site. Have you had a chance to check them all out? Please do!!
wine & cheese
PSA for the day: We wanted to make you all aware that our tees fit EVERYONE. We specify unisex for most of the tees so you know that if you are a man or woman, it will fit you. Women's tees tend to be a bit shorter and have more of a curve to the shape. The unisex tees tend to be a bit longer and more forgiving...

If you ever have a question about the fit of a tee or want a different tee style (tank, v-neck, crop top, etc...), just ask. We have so many tees at our disposal but we have picked the ones we feel work the best for every body style. 

The Sweetest Tee Got a Face Lift

We recently decided to update the look of the website a bit from the old design. The changes are clean and we think easier to navigate. 

We would love to know what you think? Do you like it better or worse? Do you even care? If not, no worries... go buy some tees!