Saturday, January 20, 2018

New at The Sweetest Tee

We've been busy keeping the site updated and adding fun new items for your enjoyment. We love wine humor so we plan to add a few more in the coming days. This is our newest tee, tell us what you think?

In other exciting news, we've signed up to partner with HyperLyric, starting tomorrow, in hopes of finding some new fans for our tees and fun finds. They post funny memes, entertaining musings and pictures. They will be sharing our products with their fans, so hopefully they will enjoy what we have to offer and visit often.

Check out HyperLyric on Facebook - they are your daily escape from the noise. 

If you're interested in partnering with us, shoot us an email!

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Our QROO Partnership Has Begun

Our partnership with our fellow expat friends, Two Expats Mexico, has begun - check out all the QROO.US merchandise we have created.

We are very excited for this and hope you enjoy all there is to offer!

While you're at it, check out their blog and learn about moving to Mexico, life in Mexico, and so much more. Paul & Linda offer a wealth of knowledge on their blog.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Sweetest Tee Top Sellers

With our ecclectic assortment of products, we decided to share some of our top sellers with you to see what you think. We are always trying to add fun and unique items to the site. We love tees but we really enjoy having an assortment of products that we think you will love.

Some of our most popular selling items has been a surprise for us as we are mainly a t-shirt site. For some reason Pinterest has brought a lot of attention to our Pineapple Backpack for $32.99.

In regards to our t-shirts, our I Can't Adult Today tee has been a top seller. My husband loves it the most and wears it often. I can't even begin to tell you how many times he gets stopped and asked about it. Thankfully he's great at handing out business cards!

An item that surprised us was the Happy Camper Throw Pillow Cover for $6.99 - it's super cute and kitchy and it comes in 5 different designs. People seem to love it. 

We'd love to hear what you think - what's your favorite item? What do you think of the top sellers? Email us!

Thanks! :)

Come on over to The Sweetest Tee to see what's new!

Swimwear on The Sweetest Tee

Cruise season has officially started so we decided to add some of our favorite swimwear to The Sweetest Tee. 

We have found several overseas companies that make beautiful swimwear, have excellent reviews and claim to run true to size. Just to make sure you feel secure ordering online, we add a size chart to each item. Please make sure to always check it - women's sizes are never consistent in this day and age.

This beautiful flamingo one-piece is our favorite of the moment. It sells for $32.99. It also comes in a bikini for $29.99. I've even ordered one for myself and can't wait to wear it. I won't be posting pictures of me wearing it but I will report back on what I think of it - cut, fabric, durability, etc.

We always try and keep prices low and affordable. If there is something specific you are looking for, let us know. We love hunting for great finds so we can bring them to you, it's the best part of this business!

Our Tees - What You Should Know

Anvil 980
We always strive to find great tees for our customers. WE look for tees that are not only comfy and soft but also hold up to many washings and wear really well.

Our unisex/men's tees are either Anvil 980 or Bella + Canvas 3001. They are soft and look great on everyone. Ladies, if you like a longer tee for leggings, these are GREAT!

For our women's tees, we use a mixture os Anvil 880 or Gildan 5000L but we do have a few others, Next Level 6733 tanks, Alternative 1070 and Anvil 391 tees, as we like to test out other layouts.

The Alternative 1070 is a slim fit and runs a bit small - we have added a size chart to all tees so you can best decide what size works for you. 

Gildan 5000L

The Gildan 5000L is a missy silhouette fit and after a few washes becomes a nice comfy tee. We love the quality of it as it washes really well and wears perfectly. It's not as long as the unisex tees but looks great with shorts and jeans!

On our site, you can see the label on these tees when you click on the image. They are also the tees you see shown on models.
Anvil 880
The Anvil 880 is a soft tee that fits really well. It isn't as long as the unisex tee but it's one of our faves! It's a great women's tee.

Please note, If you EVER see a tee you like but aren't sure about the fit or color, just let us know. We have many body styles and colors we can print on for you. For us to change a tee isn't a problem at all. If you love purple and the tee you want doesn't come in that color, just ask, we will find it and make your tee for you. It costs nothing extra!

Friday, January 12, 2018

QROO Mexico Partnership

Mexico Meme from
We love travel so much, that last year, we decided to sell it all and move to Mexico to become expats

It's been really enjoyable meeting people, experiencing a new culture and trying everything we can. In the process of all of this we met these two great people, Paul & Linda who are expats who in Mexico. We followed their blog and they helped us so much in our move. The run a blog called Two Expats Living in Mexico and it is wildly popular!!

Recently we started talking with them about offering some items for their readers in our shop, The Sweetest Tee. After lots of work and designing we came up with several amazing tees, hats, koozies and so much more! We will be launching this new line of QROO gear very soon. Make sure you watch for it!

Lastly, we have also been working on international shipping - that has been quite a process as it's not very inexpensive to ship items overseas. Our tees are all made and printed in the US but shipping them elsewhere is a work in progress. This is something we are exploring and right now it is possible but as you will see, it's not cheap.


Who Are We at The Sweetest Tee

Welcome to The Sweetest Tee blog. 

We are Tarah & Keith Burkhart and we are just two sassy lovebirds who love to laugh and travel as much as possible

Being a buyer for a popular .com retailer in Seattle really gave me a love for all things retail. Keith has quite the sense of humor so a lot of our designs come from the funny things he says or hears.

We decided to start this blog to showcase some of our favorite items, try new products and just have somewhere to post fun pictures and interact with you!

Thanks for checking us out - use code FIRSTTIME10 at checkout for 10% off at We hope you love it!

Thanks for stopping by! 
Tarah & Keith